We offer four different programs for those who are looking for a bit more structure on their low-carb or keto journey. 

Try one out! We have three amazing options which can help guide you through adapting to this way of eating and one awesome exercise program for those looking to get active.

  • The New Me 2-Week Reset is a program designed to help you form healthy habits for life. Follow our simple, high-protein keto meal plan for two weeks. You will also connect in our community, and track your progress, all in our Diet Doctor app. We’ll also send you daily insight emails with bite-sized, evidence-based guidance to help you build a solid foundation for lasting health. You’ll likely lose a few pounds along the way!

  • The Get Started Keto Challenge: A free 2-week challenge for those just beginning with this way of eating. Get a set meal plan for each week with macro (carb, protein, fat) counts already calculated for you and daily emails for information and encouragement.

  • Higher-Satiety Eating Program - For three weeks, you’ll receive daily emails focused on different topics related to higher-satiety eating. You’ll also get an informational guide or video, a daily tip, and easy higher-satiety meal options for eating at home or dining out.

  • 5 Weeks of Keto with Kristie: Get 5 weeks of keto support and Kristie will join you on your journey every step of the way. You will have 3 weeks of set meal plans and daily emails to help guide and teach you practical tips for success and how to sustain this way of eating. 

  • 10 week Weight Loss for Good:  This program is divided into two parts. It begins with a 3-week crash course that hits the highlights about how to lose weight. In the remaining 7 weeks, you will get to dive deeper into the topics covered in the first 3 weeks and extra tips to help with your success. Meal plans are provided for all 10 weeks. It also covers a range of topics and includes fasting or time-restricted eating, which the other two programs do not discuss.

  • Let's Get Moving: For those hoping to incorporate a bit of exercise, we have ‘Let’s get moving’ which provides 3 levels of exercise depending on where you are at. It consists of a 6-part instructional video course followed by a 4-week workout program with plans included.