If your membership access doesn’t work, was made in error, or was billed after you canceled, you can send a refund request to support@dietdoctor.com, and we will handle it as soon as we can. 

Note: Diet Doctor will always give a refund if you were billed after you canceled. However, in other situations, we can’t guarantee a full refund. We will examine the individual circumstances and do our best to keep you happy. Subject to applicable consumer protection laws, we reserve the right to deduct an administrative fee based on our transaction costs and our administrative costs for refund matters other than those mentioned above. 

While evaluating each situation, our maximum refund policy for monthly members is a total of three months.

If you have an annual membership and you would like to receive a refund after more than 1 month of usage, we will charge you the monthly membership fee for the months that you have used Diet Doctor.


Please note that if you started your subscription through the Diet Doctor Eat app, there will be a different process for cancellation and refund. Please read more information below:

Appstore: Apple does not allow Diet Doctor to provide a refund. Please contact Apple and make sure that you have canceled your subscription, read more here.

Google Play: Please contact Google Play for a refund, read more here.
If you did not receive the requested refund from Google play, please contact us through the self-service. Click on “Get help”.